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Chelsey L.

"I love the PT program MOMster created for me! I still continue to use the exercises and information I learned from the program and would recommend it to anyone looking to get healthier and stronger!"

Home-based, total body "6 Week Shred" Client

Heather B. 

"I’m a mom to a super hyperactive 2 year old boy. He definitely keeps me on my toes but after having him my eating habits changed a lot. I was constantly eating on the go at fast food places and snacking (on junk food) whenever I had the chance. I knew I needed a change so I contacted Melissa for help. I did her 6 week shred program hoping to lose at least 5 pounds. 6 weeks later I lost 12 pounds! I couldn’t believe it. I have tried losing weight on my own but working out alone wasn’t helping. She totally understands health and fitness and I highly recommended her whether you want to lose 5 lbs or even 100 lbs! I will say the workouts are not easy, the meal prepping and planning it’s all tough the first 2 weeks but if you can get past that you will be on the road to success. Thank Melissa for getting be back on track to a happier and healthier me."

Home-based "6 week Shred" client with HEAVY weight training, NO cardio!

Melissa F.

Gym-based "4 Week Shred" client, with heavy weight training & HIIT 2x week

The results I’ve gotten with MOMster fitness are better than anything I’ve ever tried on my own, or other programs I’ve done. Everything is specifically made for the goals I want to reach and personalized to make sure that I have the opportunity to achieve maximum results. I’ve already come so far and am excited to continue the journey with MOMster Fitness and see where I end up! I recommend it to anyone interested in making a lifestyle change and become the best version of themselves.

Kim H. / Online Client / Nurse

Yassss!!!! Omg! Finally yall! I had a baby 7 months ago and have been rocking leggings ever since because I refused to buy jeans. 6 weeks ago I couldn’t get these pre-pregnancy jeans passed my knees and today they fit ! I’m still 10 pounds from my goal but this is a great incentive for me to keep going! #almostthere #6weekshred

Danielle P. / Online Client / Mom & Nurse

I have had 3 sessions with Melissa and every time I definitely feel the burn. I had a baby a year ago and fell into a funk after. Now, I’m well on my way to my pre-baby body and I will be there in no time with Melissas’s help. She is patient and she won’t push you if you’re close to the edge! After every session she checks in on me and is available when I am about to “slip” back into bad habits! She just may be the best female personal trainer out there!

Ravon U. / In-Gym T Client /
Work from Home Mom

Melissa’s program is beyond amazing. I could tell you about all the confidence I’ve gained and inches ive lost but what’s so different about this program is melissa herself.  She stays in close contact, always motivates and encourages but wont let you hang yourself with excuses. Her program it self is intense but manageable and the results really show! I can’t say enough  great things about this life changing program!

Ashley B. / Online Client / Mom


I was on Melissa's 6 week plan and really loved it.  I found it easy to follow and weekly e-mails to Melissa made me feel accountable which is what I really needed.  After being on the program only a couple of weeks, I was already getting compliments on how good I looked!!  I lost 5 lbs and got much stronger.  Working out and eating right, really gave me a lot of energy, put me in a good mood and gave me more confidence!!  I have been on other programs, but this one is the best because I saw results quickly and felt so good!!

Margaret A. / Online Client

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