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Wellness Wednesday post Holiday

Many of you may be feeling that post-holiday “blah” - ate too much, drank too much, food choices may have not been the healthiest and you probably didn’t get much exercise. But lucky for you, that was a one or two day thing. Don’t sweat the small stuff!  

Here are some ways you can get out of you funk and get back on track: -Drink LOTS of water -Select healthy, whole foods that are fiber dense -GO TO THE GYM. Get your workout in. You owe it to yourself. -Go for a walk or bike ride. STAY active. -Focus on your mental health and listen to your body. If you need to rest, DO IT. Fuel properly though. If you’re anything like me, you may be losing your mind right about now with the holiday stress that you just experienced, on top of keeping kids alive, fed, entertained and not killing one another. So your mental state may be almost gone. The gym is not on my forecast (unfortunately) today so I’ve always got a backup plan! No gym, no problem! Here are a couple of quick HIIT routines you can do from home to get a good sweat, with minimal space and equipment. Circuit 1: (dumbbells) DB squat thrusts x15 DB squat + upright row x15 Jump squats x15 — 4 rounds, :60 rest between rounds Circuit 2: (no equipment) Bodyweight squat x15 Burpee (with jump) x12 Crawl-outs x10 — 4 rounds, :60 rest between rounds Circuit 3: (no equipment, lower impact) Bodyweight squat x15 Squat position side step x15 each side Plank x:30-:60 — 4 rounds, :60 rest between rounds Pick one, do it and don’t feel guilty about your holiday feasting. If one is too easy, add a second. Happy Wednesday! And wishing you a happy, healthy New Year! 

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