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Importance of weight training

Sooooo many women are terrified of my favorite kind of bar- the barbell. WHY? What makes it so scary!? Women cannot possibly bulk out like men because we are not built like men! Our hormones are different. Our bodies work differently. Our body requires different things than men, and moral of the story, we are not men! In order for a female to bulk into a more masculine physique, it would require a lot of supplements (not very healthy ones, mind you), a huge excess in calories (including carbs and fats), lots of patience and extra work. It’s not possibly for women to build “manly” muscles unless you try super hard, and I can honestly say not a single one of my clients even remotely resembles a masculine physique! Did you know that cardio burns calories, but weight training burns fat? Weight training is VERY important for women in the fat burning process, as it speeds up your metabolism, scorches calories, turns fat into muscle which in turn creates a defined, sleek feminine physique! It’s a win win for a female incorporating strength training into her lifestyle. I really wanted to do a post about weight training because every single prospect or client has (at one point) said to me “wow, you don’t look like a man,” or “I would have never guessed you’re a bodybuilder,” along with “I’m scared to look like a man” and “but won’t eating carbs make me gain weight?” NO. NO. NO. And NO! My client in this picture was a weight-training lover, but never did it consistently until joining my in-gym training team towards the end of last year. She’s lost 13lbs, and completely transformed her body. She couldn’t do more than 3 push ups, and now she charges through 50 at a time. She could barely squat more than 80lb, and now she crushes 145lb! She’s been consistent with weight training 3x week and is such a strong, fit mama! No cardio either.😝 This is why I love what I do, because I can educate people on the importance of weight training, especially for females looking to lose weight, define their bodies and transform their lifestyle. (Doesn’t hurt that you can turn those carbs into a booty, right?🍑😍😍) So next time you see a bar, lift it! You may be surprised with what type of sweat you can get from weight training! P.S. Trust me, if you train properly, your heart rate will increase and scorch just as much sweat & calories (and then some) in comparison to cardio! Booya!💪🏼

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