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Mommin’ ain’t easy...

So, it’s super tough to balance mom life, fitness life, business owner life, and my client schedule… Today, I was up at 3:45 AM, to the gym by 4:15, got my workout in before my 5 AM client, was home by 6:15 with coffee made by 6:30. The struggle is so real! But if you want it bad enough, you can do it! No excuses! Whether that means going to sleep earlier, waking up earlier, doing an active day with your kids… You can do it! On that note, I want to talk about preparations… Meal prep, planning your days worth of meals the day prior, and the importance of planning ahead! I knew today would be a tough day for my macros, because you know I’m all about that flexible dieting… I planned it all out last night, and knew what I could eat today, knowing I’ll probably have a couple of alcoholic beverages, because you know… YOLO! And sometimes you just need to sit back and relax with a cold one while watching a couple of cute terrors. So how do I plan accordingly? Every night before I go to bed, I enter all of my meals for the following day. Just knowing what I have on hand is a huge help, even if I have to change a couple of ounces or grams the following day. I enter everything in at night, and memorize my first meal, so when I wake up, I know exactly what I’m eating. It makes things so much easier for me with my hectic lifestyle! I tend to go for easier meals, things that can be cooked in about 10 minutes or so, and easy to travel with. As for today, I knew I would have some beers, so I added them in last night and took that out of my daily total for carbs in fats, that way I don’t go over. Call me a total nerd, but I always look at menus of places I’m going before hand. It helps me in hitting my macros without going over, because my coach always gets onto me for that! (Yep, even I have a coach to hold me accountable and keep me on track!) So today, I made sure to focus on putting all of my food, proteins first, into MyFitnessPal, making sure I at least get my protein in and I have a little extra wiggle room with carbs and fats. Or beers, whichever way you want to look at it… LOL! Moral of this post… Prep for your nutritional needs! I don’t mean that you have to make all 5 to 7 meals every single night or the day before, but I mean mentally prepare to know what you’re going to be consuming. Make it a habit to know exactly what you have in your house, and try and create a stash of your favorite meals (ingredients!) that you can eat frequently, that way you always know what’s on hand. Make it a habit of entering everything in the day prior, because it takes 21 days to make a habit, if you get in the habit of preparing your nutrition (at least mentally), it’s easier to stay on track! You know you have a party to go to this weekend? Mentally prepare for it, put everything in your tracking app of choice, the day prior, that way you are more at ease knowing you’ve prepared properly. With that said, I’m off to the pool with my babies to have a fun day in the sun, relax with a couple glasses of happy juice as my kids call it, and enjoy my Saturday after a hard week of training myself, my clients, and momming!✌🏼🍷🍻

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